The service contract entered is sole right of the buyer or the party in question and the parent company Amplifii.

• No other entities can be included in the agreement unless and until solely specified by the customer.

• All the LEDs are covered under warranty and the expiration of warranty would be mentioned at the time of the contract formation,

• Amplifii is the sole owner of all the parts and components along with additional set ups.

• Any kind of technical service on any products or components or parts can be given only when the parts or components are not modified by the customer.

• The basic configuration of Amplifii LEDs cannot be altered if the customer is willing to have further service on the product. The company will be under no obligation to repair/ service the product because of improper use, unauthorized modification or substitution of parts or components.

• The product which does not match the specifications guaranteed at the time of purchase are liable for complete replacement.

• Pricing, specifications and terms and conditions are liable to change as and when required by us.

• Any fault in the product has to be reported within 30 working days from the time the fault occurs.

• The company is no case will bear the cost of damage, loss of parts during transportation or after installation.

• The product charges remains the same as on the display site and is non-negotiable.

• Customization will be offered only after consultation with our representatives and technical team.

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