Making cleaning easier than you think...

Amplifii Semi Automatic Washing Machines are built to last and empowered with features that prevent the formation of rust. These advanced machines have a plastic body which is non-corrosive and rust proof.

sense antirat express thermal
  • Auto Tub Clean
  • Hard Water Wash
  • Magic Lint Filter
  • Shock & Rust Proof Body
  • Memory Retention
  • Smart Detergent Recommendation
  • Glass, Plastic Lids & ZPF Technology
  • Large Wheels & Spin Shower
  • 3D Scrub Parts
  • Multi Programme
  • Available in 6.5 Kg, 7.5 Kg, 8.5 Kg, 9.0 Kg & 10.5 Kg

Making cleaning easier than you think...

Designed to be understandable to every user, the washing machine control panel has labels and functions that can be easily read and interpreted. Indicators can be easily ready by the user even from a distance.


Enlarged Viewing Experience

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